Lame Duck Validity

Cato, in his/her blog

In her campaign’s latest email O’Donnell cites an AmSpec piece that makes a solid case for Cap & Tax passing in a lame duck session if Castle is elected in November.  According to the Jeff Poor’s piece, the winner in November will be sworn in as soon as the election is certified because this is a special election.  I was under the impression that Ted Kauffman would stay in his seat until January.  However, it really wouldn’t matter since both Kauffman and Castle would vote for Cap & Tax.  Therefore, I don’t see this as a compelling argument to oppose Castle.  His support of Cap & Tax is certainly a valid reason, but not the possibility of a lame duck session.

Let me get this straight.  Cap and Tax is on the list, among other onerous legislation, for a presumed lame duck session.  However, it doesn’t matter if Castle or Kauffman occupy the Senate seat as they both will vote for it anyway.  Huh?  What?

A lame duck session is the greatest weapon progressive Democrats (and yes, progressive Republicans) will have to slam through the rest of their job killing, control grabbing, tax raising, greenie weenie agenda.  Cato states this isn’t ‘a valid reason’ for supporting O’Donnell.  He/she is right, it isn’t a valid reason to have someone who absolutely will stand against constitution shredding legislation like the Employee Non-Discrimination Act (limiting free speech by ordaining sexual orientation as a protected class).  It isn’t valid to have someone vote against legislation like Cap and Trade which will all but destroy Delaware’s energy economy and ‘necessarily sky-rocket’ energy costs.

Voters need to understand that the lame duck session isn’t just a valid reason to support Christine , but one of the most important.  It’s lame to just assume Castle is going to win anyway.  It’s lame to brush off the powerfully destructive opportunity within a lame duck session.

Voters and bloggers alike need to stop ‘duck’ing the real issues in this campaign.  Castle will keep advancing a progressive agenda Delaware and the nation cannot afford and, frankly, does not want.  O’Donnell will not.  Now that’s a valid argument.

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Just Say No

Okay, okay, I watch enough mainstream media to know that everything from drowning kittens to the apocalypse-clearly is George Bush’s fault.  Second in line for the blame game is the Republican party.

I get it, Matt Lauer.  Republicans are the party of ‘no’.  For the most part, Republicans have been saying ‘no’ to the insane spending spree in Washington D.C.  Republicans have said ‘no’ to the hostile takeover of health care.  (Disclaimer-They should have also said ‘no’ to the expansion of medicare under Bush…but that’s for another blog.)

Mike Castle, the current Republican Congressman running for Senate, has actually said ‘yes’ to many of the progressive pieces of legislation. Okay, he voted ‘no’ on healthcare, only when it was clear his vote was buried under an avalanche of democratic ‘yes’.  Recently he said ‘yes’ to spending $26 billion MORE of our tax dollars (that was in addition to the $400+ billion he voted to spend as part of TARP).  

So why then is Mike Castle only saying ‘no’ to a debate with Christine O’Donnell?  His bloggy surrogates have created a noxious environment where ‘liar liar pants on fire’ masquerade as real political commentary.  Surrogates accost campaign staff at events, resorting to obscenities when not getting the spin they desire. 

Why won’t Mike Castle debate?  Because he doesn’t have to.  He assumes you are already going to vote for him.  He assumes you will buy in to the myth that only he can beat the big bad Democrat.  He assumes you, Delaware Republican, haven’t noticed that on nearly every issue Mike Castle agrees with the Democrats!

Real Republicans, those standing for the sacredness of all human life, fiscal responsibility, and freedom from government control run amuck-MUST and SHOULD, “Just Say No!” to Mike Castle.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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